PsyD, MBA (PSY19634)

As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist I am trained to work with children, adolescents and adults who need support in dealing with their struggles on a variety of issues. I often work with individuals dealing with anxiety, depression and attention deficit disorders. I also help those who want to boost their self-confidence and work on relationship and social issues. In addition, I offer support as a parent-coach to parents who need help with discipline strategies, sibling rivalry and building healthy parent-child relationships.

One of my passions is working with individuals of all ages diagnosed with AD(H)D. After working with children and adolescents with AD(H)D for over 10 years, I have most recently developed a program for working with adults struggling with attentional issues and have helped 100s of families deal with the familial ramifications of AD(H)D.

In addition to my private practice as a psychologist, I am also an executive coach. I work with executives who have derailed and need help getting back on track. Earning my MBA and using my clinical skills has helped me create growth experiences for many adults in the corporate world.

Finally, I have a passion for raising healthy daughters -- probably because I was a daughter and I have a daughter of my own. I speak to parent and school groups on the topic of raising healthy girls, as well as female relational aggression and bullying. I believe that our girls can and should be coached to be both confident and competent by their families, schools and the greater community.

My private practice started in Los Altos in 1998 and within the last two years I have opened an office here on the coast as well. I look forward to continuing my ten years of practice by helping families on the coast where we have decided to plant our family roots.

799 Purissimia Street
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
(650) 270-9388

2251 Grant Road, Suite H
Los Altos, CA 94019